Carriage Driving

Anyone interested in an alternative to riding may be interested in adaptive carriage driving. To participate in adaptive driving, students must have the ability to sit upright unassisted. Students will learn how to drive a single horse in a two-wheeled carriage or a four-wheeled carriage pulled by minature horses in an arena and/or in a field obstacle course.

The objective of the carriage driving program is to provide a broader equine experience. Driving produces many positive effects for participants. There are physical benefits, including improved hand-eye coordination, motor skills, muscular strength, and stability.

There are also improved cognitive skills, such as sequencing and spatial, environmental, and directional awareness. Driving helps students to develop trust, foster communication skills, and enjoy a sense of freedom. We want to enhance each student’s self-esteem and confidence and facilitate development and self-reliance.

Driving can be appropriate for many students. For some it may provide a means to prepare for horseback riding. For others who may not be physically able to continue to ride, driving can provide a way to remain active in the program. Driving allows us to serve those with more limited mobility.

Private Driving Lessons

Age Restrictions: Individual assessment

Fees:  Individual Lesson:   $45.00 for a 45-minute session.

Missed Lessons:

Cancellations really hurt!  Making Strides of Virginia has staff, volunteers and horses ready for a session and no one to participate. Please help us respect the time of our volunteers and staff.  We do understand that unexpected medical conditions can affect our riders and, if that is the case, we will discuss tuition adjustments on an individual bass.  If Making Strides of Virginia cancels an appointment, we will notify you by phone as soon as we can and credit your account.  If you do not show up for a lesson and you do not call, you will be charged for the appointment.